Christmas bauble 2019

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2019 was the 800th anniversary of the Dannebrog, Denmark’s national flag. So the Dannebrog is the motif on the 2019 Christmas bauble.

According to the myth, in 1219 the Dannebrog brought good luck to the Danes, when the flag fell from the sky in a bloody war in Estonia. The Battle of Lyndanisse was yet another victory for the king of Denmark, who acquired the nickname ‘Conqueror’. It was during the reign of Valdemar the Conqueror that Nyborg Castle was completed, going on to become a very important castle in the Danish kingdom. All marine traffic across or through the Great Belt could now be monitored from Nyborg Castle, maybe with the Dannebrog flying proudly on the castle’s tower.

The motif on the 2019 Christmas bauble depicts one of the Dannebrog standards that were carried by the lancers when they went to war in the Middle Ages.