Museums of Eastern Funen


Museums of Eastern Funen’s collections have been accumulated over a period of more than 100 years. They were created by countless people across the ages, reflecting the ever-changing perceptions of what is valuable and significant.

Museums of Eastern Funen’s collections evolved on the basis of gifts and bequests from citizens, the efforts of our professional staff and, in some cases, acquisitions.

The focus of the collections is on the following overall subjects:

  • The archaeology of Eastern Funen from the Stone Age to the Middle Ages.
  • Art of Eastern Funen and the Nordic region. This includes art associated with the Funen Painters, in particular Alhed and Johannes Larsen, Anna and Fritz Syberg, and Christine and Sigurd Swane. Also featured are works by artists who either inspired or were inspired by this group.
  • The farming and commercial culture of Eastern Funen from 1750 to the present day. The collections cast a spotlight on the themes of: fishery and the shipping industry; ferry services; the garrison; costume and textiles; the world of the child; the pharmaceutical system.
  • Archives and photos related to Kerteminde.

A small number of the objects (in many cases the best ones) feature in the museums’ permanent exhibitions. Others are displayed in the context of special exhibitions. Most of the thousands of objects are kept in the museums’ storerooms.