About the Museums of Eastern Funen

In geographic terms, Museums of Eastern Funen covers the municipalities of Nyborg and Kerteminde; in thematic terms, the archaeology, art and cultural history of the area.

Museums of Eastern Funen was the result of a fusion of the museums in the municipalities of Nyborg and Kerteminde in 2009. We are a state-authorised museum, which obliges us to superintend the collection, registration and conservation of, and research into the cultural heritage of Eastern Funen, and to make it accessible to the general public.

We are a self-governing institution, the board of which is composed of members appointed by the two municipalities and by the museum’s two friends associations. The organisation has an operating agreement with the municipalities of Nyborg and Kerteminde.


In terms of organisation, Museums of Eastern Funen is divided into a joint administration and four different departments:

  • Landscape & Archaeology
  • Collections & Communication
  • The Johannes Larsen Museum
  • Nyborg Castle & Cultural Heritage

Visitor Attractions

You can visit Museums of Eastern Funen at eight different exhibition sites. All of them feature fascinating, highly interesting exhibitions, but Nyborg Castle, the Viking Museum Ladby and the Johannes Larsen Museum are undoubtedly the jewels in the organisation’s crown.

Main Stories

Subject-wise, Museums of Eastern Funen approaches the interpretation and communication of art and cultural history on the basis of three main stories: Royal Eastern Funen, Maritime Eastern Funen and the Interaction Between Art and Nature.

The museum employs about 100 people with a total of around 45 full-time equivalents.


Museums of Eastern Funen has two friends associations: Kerteminde Museum Friends Association and Nyborg Museum Friends Association.